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Exposition de peinture des élèves de cours de peinture Mixarts
Exposition de peinture des élèves de cours de peinture Mixarts

Angel is aptly named: she is an angel to guide us in our development in painting and she has wings because she can fly over several styles and media. There are no obstacles to its flexibility to adapt to our needs as painters, from beginners to experts. The lessons are relaxed and the atmosphere is stimulating and warm. Angel knows how to put us at ease and give us confidence in our abilities with a good dose of humor.  I have known Angel for over ten years and I always enjoy coming back after temporary absences. I have made several paintings over the years and I am currently interested in semi-abstract painting and the use of spatulas. At the dawn of my retirement, it is a nourishing and enriching activity where the exchange with other painters is done with pleasure and respect.
Lise B.

Angel is a very good painting teacher. She is patient, teaches well and is particularly good at advising you on mixing colors. Take a class with her, you won't regret it!

Nicole F

I signed up on September 2014. Self-taught painter, I was no longer evolving, I was looking for myself. Thanks to Angel, I discovered lots of beautiful little brush strokes that make all the difference. She accompanies me in all the different styles. With Angel the experience is fantastic, I love my Wednesdays. I meet unpretentious artists like me and we have beautiful privileged moments where we exchange and evolve together. Thank you Angel. Don't hesitate  to treat yourself to this beautiful adventure of colors.
Johanne R

I will start my 6th year of lessons with Angel this September 2015. My passion for painting is only growing, my knowledge and, according to my relatives, my talent too! The connection I have with Angel, her sense of humor, the atmosphere with the other students, are all determining factors in my evolution. These three hours of painting are my moment, the only one in the week where I can sit, concentrated and relaxed, without seeing the time go by!
Chantal V.

Angel knows how to transmit to her students the passion for painting. With her sense of humor, the course is given in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The precious advice of Angel allows us to apply them instantly on our canvas, so the results are extraordinary even for someone who has never painted. Personally, I love my first painting that I made with Angel. Thanks for everything Angel.
Johanne L.

Angel is a teacher who knows the techniques of oil and acrylic so very versatile. In addition, she teaches us theory which is very useful for improving our knowledge. She also knows the spatula technique for those who want to use this tool instead of brushes. She has a good sense of humor which makes the lessons very pleasant. For those who doubt their ability to paint - I can say that anyone can paint. Being a student since 2008, I saw several works made by the students and they were all successful. Angel is here to help us and I have fun saying - HAVE NO FEAR - ANGEL IS HERE.
Johanne D.

Angel Bouclin is a experience painter who knows how to pass on her passion for painting and her knowledge. She does it with great skill and patience.
Arlette L

Angel is a very good teacher. The atmosphere of the course is always very pleasant. Angel is always available to provide the necessary assistance, to answer our questions, to guide us in our choice of subjects ... etc. I LOVE MY PAINTING CLASS. 

Geilane H

Angel is an excellent teacher. She gives personalized lessons, generous to share her experience and a sense of humor to enhance everything.
Daniele G

Angel is a great teacher!
Sylvie C

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