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Online course on brushes

Do you have trouble choosing the right brush when painting?


This course is for you.


The most important tools forsucceed in your workare of course paint and brushes.


We talk a lot about color and we all recognize the importance of colors, but when we can't manage to deposit the paint as we want and create the desired effect, we look at our technique and we often question our skill and our talent.


But I say, if you have difficulty change your brush!


Hence the importance of having the right brush.


It's always good to be familiar with our tools - the brushes

🤯 When we can't drop the paint as we want and create the desired effect, we often look at our technique and question our skill and talent.


But the REAL cause is often the wrong choice of brush!


Hence the importance of knowing our BRUSHES well


That's why I created this help you learn more about what you can do with your brushes!


Who should attend

This course is for all beginners and lovers of acrylic and oil painting who want to progress quickly.


You ask yourself

  • Che not which brush to take… or in good French: I don't know which brush to use?

  • How to choose the right brush?

  • What is this brush for?

  • Which brush should I buy?

  • What brush was used to make these marks?

  • How do I care for my brushes to save money?

  • What can I do with this brush?

  • Why is my brush losing its bristles?

  • And more...

This course is for you

At the end of this course you will be able

To have a good understanding of what you can do with each brush shape

and master the full potential of brushes:


Squares - Dishes

Cat's tongue - Filbert

Fan - Fan brush

Dragster - the plotter - liner


  • to know several techniques for each brush.

  • to choose the right brush to do the desired job,

  • increase your paint application skills,

  • recognize the fingerprints and marks for each brush. It is very useful to know which brush was used when you make reproductions of painting or imitate a technique,

  • take good care of your brushes to prolong their life and save your money,

  • to know which brushes to buy,

  • fill your brush properly to save time on the canvas.



+ buying guide for must-have brushes.

+ the anatomy of a brush.

+ how to avoid wasting your brushes and how to prolong their life.


the whole

  • in the form of videos and texts that you can view at your own pace.

  • 100% online access! 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • Access to content at any time, at the time that suits you best.

  • You will learn at your own pace.


I enjoy preparing these lessons for you and if you know me, you know that I explain well. I give you techniques that you can put into practice immediately. You just have to read my blog posts and watch my videos to see the quality of my explanations.



If you feel like this class isn't meeting your expectations or isn't right for you, we'll refund you, no questions asked!

You have 14 days after your registration to request a full refund.


It's simple and risk-free!

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