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Painting Techniques

Our painting courses offer a flexible curriculum, adapted to your pace and your ambitions.


For beginners and all levels.

The important thing for us is that you have fun while improving skills.


We have a wide range of knowledge to share with you.

Here is a list of possibilities:

Acrylic and Oil
Painting Techniques

Painting styles

  • Drawings, sketches

  • Difference between acrylic and oil

  • Acrylic paint

  • Oil painting

  • Color mix

  • The ABCs of brushes

  • Brush Strokes

  • Colored blank

  • How to read a tube of paint

  • Perspective

  • Oil painting mediums

  • Alterations

  • Acrylic mediums, impasto, gels, textures, collages

  • Portraits

  • Knife painting

  • Mixed media

  • Shadow and light

  • Skies and clouds

  • Artist's rights

  • Image transfer

  • And more ...

  • Figurative

  • Mixte medium

  • Modern

  • Abstract

  • Characters

  • Still life

  • Landscapes

  • Flowers

  • Animals

  • and more...

No prerequisites necessary.


You learn by creating with informational capsules that are sometimes theoretical, but above all practical.

Here are the lists of art materials recommended, if you don't already some:

List of materials for acrylic paint

List of materials for oil painting

People in a painting class

Want to try a new painting technique that is not on the list?


Submit it! We love new challenges.

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