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Our students love our easels so much that we decided to make them available.

Chevalet en bois
Chevalet d'artiste peintre

Our students like our easels so mush in our painting classes that we decided to make them available.

Solid and stable wooden easels with its integrated hand support pole to stabilize shaking hands and facilitate precision work.

You can quickly adjust the height of the easel for standing or seated work.

Suitable for almost all canvas sizes.

Locally Handmade here in Quebec by my husband Peter.

$180 CAN

Delivery of your easel

Make an appointment for when you want to pick up your easel.

Present yourself at the door of the workshop at the agreed time.

Ring or dial the phone number and we'll deliver your package!

Payable by Interac transfer to

or at 514 813-2643

You can also make a cash payment

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