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How to paint Roses with a palette knife - Quick and easy

How to Paint Roses with a Palette Knife on an Abstract Background in Acrylic - Quick Technique, Rich in Colors and Textures.

In this video, I recycled a canvas to create an abstract acrylic background, and then I painted roses using a palette knife. It's a great way to exercise creativity and repurpose a canvas that was destined for the trash.

The canvas already had a lot of texture, so I took advantage of that texture to create a background rich in colors.

You can see techniques for making drips and paint splatters.

In the second part of the video, I paint roses and leaves with a palette knife. The technique is very free-flowing. I wasn't aiming for perfect rose shapes; I wanted to play with vibrant colors and textures.

For the background, I used blues, greens, turquoise, and Titanium White.

For the roses, I used

  • Quinacridone Crimson,

  • Light Napthol Red,

  • Medium Magenta, and

  • Titanium White.

The leaves are painted with

  • Sap Green,

  • Lemon Yellow, and

  • Medium Magenta.

I also added some gold to the roses for a glamorous touch.

Painting of roses
Painting of roses

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