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Will I be able to recreate my colours?

Mixing colors and colors recipes

Will I be able to recreate this color?

How can I save you time and prevent you from wasting paint trying to recreate your exact colours? I've got the answer.

Once we find the perfect mixture of paints to produce EXACTLY the right colour to complete our oeuvre, we experience that momentary shiver of fear that we won’t be able to find again it when we need it next time! Maybe we didn't make enough of that colour to finish our work.


And of course, we find ourselves scratching our head and asking ourselves "Now, just how did I make that colour, again?"


So many of my students have the same fear : "Will I be able to remember how I made this colour?" or "what if I didn't make enough?"

I finally came up with the solution: a very practical notebook designed to help you remember all your colour recipes.

So, when you ask yourself this question again, you'll have the answer in your hands.


Here it is! I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.


The Artist's Notebook - an essential memory-aid for painter

This notebook will save you time and prevent you from wasting paint by giving you one place to :

  • note the exact colours you used (names on the tubes) for each of your art works,

  • keep all your colour recipes together, so you never forget them,

  • keep all your inspirational photos and images with artist name and website information in one place for fast and easy reference.

So stop wasting time and paint trying to remember how to recreate a colour.

Get this practical artist's notebook, created by an artist for artists.

This notebook helps you free your mind of these details so you can concentrate on your creativity.

Paper notes
Messy paper notes

If you’re like me, you probably have a lot scraps of paper lying around, filled with scribbled notes about this colour or that one. When I find them – if I find them – I usually can’t remember which painting they refer to.

Since I started using this notebook,

I find it to be indispensable to gather all my notes. And it provides me with the confidence to be able to reproduce my colours when I return to a painting that I have not touched for a while.

With The Artist's Notebook - an essential memory-aid for painter you have a place to organize all your notes for up to 10 paintings.

You have a place to put the sample of your final color, then note which color tubes you used to make it. You can even jot down the quantities.

So, for example, if it should happen that you can’t remember whether you used Prussian or Ultramarine blue, now you have a place to keep track of that.  

Here is an example of a page from The Artist's Notebook - an essential memory-aid for painter.

And here’s another page. There’s plenty of room for all our colour recipes for each of your painting.

There's even a place to stick a photo of your model or source of inspiration. You can note the artist name and the website or other pertinent information to find it later.

The notebook has 58 pages. I’ve added a few handy definitions of colour theory and several colour wheels (chromatic disks) and even a couple of little bonus items for you to discover.


The important thing is that you’ll save time (and paint!) by keeping track of all your colour recipes in one place.


Stop wasting time trying to remember which colours you used to create that perfect mix!


If the link above doesn’t work, you can find this notebook on Amazon with ASIN: B0BS8ZZWHM

You can also use these link depending on your location:

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