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How to Store Your Oil Paint Palette Between Painting Sessions for a Long Time

Tips for Storing Your Oil Paint Palette Between Painting Sessions for Extended Periods

The use of a reusable palette helps reduce paint wast, and for those who place a standard palette in the freezer, it avoids using plastic wrap such as Saran Wrap.

 Reusable container to keep oil paint palette
Reusable contaner to keep oil color palette

Unlike acrylic, oil paint offers little constraints related to drying time. However, using a palette with a cover is still convenient for its preservation. Masterson company offers a product similar to Sta-Wet (See Article), which is an airtight plastic container that can be stored in the freezer.

I often get asked where I found mine; I ordered it on Amazon. Here's the link:

Storing oil paint in the freezer.

Indeed, oil paint can be stored in the freezer without any issue for a long period of time. The low temperature slows down the "drying" process of the paint.

In fact, with oil paint, there isn't really drying as such. It's more of a chemical reaction, as the hardening of the paint results from the oxidation of the drying oil, such as linseed or walnut oil.

It's important to note that the storage duration in the freezer varies depending on the pigments used. You may notice that a skin forms on the surface of some colors in your paint. You can gently remove this skin.

Be cautious, as small pieces of dried paint may remain in your paint and ultimately end up on your canvas.

Some colors like Hansa Yellow or certain browns like burnt umber may partially dry. However, white or black, for example, remain intact even after a few weeks in the freezer.


  • Ideally, remember to take your palette out of the freezer at least 20 to 30 minutes before the start of your painting session so that the paint warms up and returns to its normal state.

  • Only remove the cover after this period of time to avoid condensation forming on your paint, which could result in water getting into your paint.

To use the refillable palette for oil painting, you'll need to place disposable palette paper for oil paint in the bottom of the container. This paper will be where you put your color mixes. It's easy to find at an art supply store.

I order mine on Amazon, here's the link :

Paper color palette
Paper color palette

However, it is possible to avoid using such paper and have a better working surface by using a glass palette.

Glass Palette

In my opinion, glass is an ideal surface for laying out your paint. The surface is smooth, making it easy to mix your paint, it doesn't wear out, doesn't stain, and cleans very easily.

Glass Paint Palette with paint brush
Glass Paint Palette

New Wave Fine Art Products offers a glass palette designed to fit into Masterson containers. This glass palette comes in various sizes and is available in clear or with a white or neutral gray back. However, it is relatively easy to make your own glass palette for painting. I will provide you with the information in a future article.


If your paint dries on the surface, you can simply use a glass scraper and the paint will come off very easily.

Glass Scraper
Glass Scraper to Clean Glass Paint palette

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You can use these link depending on your location:

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