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What do Hue and Teint mean in the name of the color on a paint tube?

Why do they add Hue at the end of the name of a color?

Would you like to understand what the words "Hue" and "Teint" mean on tube of paint?

What is the meaning of Hue ?
What is the meaning of Hue ?

The words "Hue” and “Teint" both mean color, but in terms of paint manufacturing hue or teint, this means that the color in question is an approximate formulation (imitation); that the color does not contain the true pigment that its name indicates. For instance, cadmium red hue contains no cadmium at all, the cobalt blue hue contains no cobalt.


Hues and teints are often less expensive than their genuine counterparts, and are also generally less toxic.

When the original pigment is not stable or not available, some shades have an improved formulation. For example: Authentic Indian Yellow was made from concentrated cow urine, so, "...yeah, I'll take the hue, thank you."

The potential problem lies here: hues can be formulated using multiple pigments to create one color which can blur your results when mixing. To mix bright colors, you want to choose primary colors that contain only one pigment.

If you're aiming for the truest blending results, try to avoid colors that have the word Hue or Teint at the end of the color name, like cadmium red hues and cobalt blue hues.

Alizarin Crimson is one of my favorite colors, however recent studies have shown that the pigment traditionally used to formulate Alizarin (PR 83) is not stable enough to qualify as a professional color. It is not lightfast. As a result of these studies, almost every professional paint manufacturer has developed a new, improved alizarin shade, often called Permanent Alizarin Crimson. This new shade is a much more stable formulation for Alizarin but it is composed of three pigments: two red pigments and one purple.

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